Unleash: The Feminine Way of Doing Business

A 4 Day Free Experience in Embodied Leadership


If you're overwhelmed and stressed

in your life, feeling unmotivated or sluggish from the inside out, or your biz isn’t working enough, and the passion and zest you had for any and everything is fading away - you need just this thing... 


A Sexy Confident Bada$$ woman entrepreneur is the one who...

  • Becomes more confident, assertive and powerful. 

  • Commands a room and speaks more confidently. 

  • Is more content with who she is. 

  • Challenges the status quo, is herself and blazes trails. 

  • Reaches flow states, causing stress to fall away. 

  • Uses nutrition, movement and more to be her very best at all times. 

  • Builds a body that will grow her self-esteem and enhance her self-transformation. 

  • Reprograms her thought process and gains crazy self-belief. 

  • Builds unstoppable faith in her entrepreneurial goals and her health, life and biz vision.

In short, once you can tap into your own sexy self-confidence and UNLEASH IT you can get rid of the self-doubt that has been holding you back.


Leverage the law of attraction & start getting everything you want and feeling great as you do it!

Does this happen to be you?

  • You know you were made for more, but not sure how to get that more 
  • You are doing things in your life and biz that are draining you 
  • You aren't making yourself a priority and have lost your zest and passion for your life and your biz 
  • You've made countless promises to yourself that you keep breaking 
  • You're fighting self-sabotaging bad habits and self-doubt 
  • Your health, physical and mental, is not where you'd like it to be 
  • You're not showing up or being visible and present in your life and biz, when you know you need to be 
  • You're chasing your dreams,  and you're going after it, but it's not going as well as you'd like 
  • You’re struggling with perfectionism and/or imposter syndrome 
  • You're sick and tired of feeling overwhelmed, stuck and "not enough"  

You've tried every tool and tactic and strategy to try and grow and market your biz, yet you're still not seeing the results you want and desire.


If you're feeling this way then you're ready to UNLEASH! 

 Join us on Tuesday June 21st for the Pre-Celebration with the Summer Solstice!


The 4 Day Challenge and Retreat Officially Starts June 27th!  

Day 1: Sexy Confidence

Learn what and why sexy confidence is needed to help you unleash and learn how to tap into your own sensual sexy confident persona (AKA your alter ego, second self, stage name, etc.) with dance and movement.

Day 2: Fired Up Mission

We're going to talk about what you're truly passionate about and why you're here and what you really desire deep down inside so you can "get in formation" (Bey reference) and start attracting it. 

Day 3: Orgasmic Marketing

Learn how to stop being blah and scared to market your message and biz and instead show up confidently, just as you, doing what you love.

Bonus: Turn On Retreat Day

Ladies! This is our day to take what we've learned and truly embody it! We'll get moving and dance, connect with each other in an intimate virtual space and unleash all of our sexy confidence in a pleasurable and fun way!

Join Us.

You Ready to Unleash?!


Hello Gorgeous! I'm Tanika!


I'm a Confidence Embodiment and Soulful Business Marketing Coach, Teacher and Performer and I choreograph bad ass routines, life and business plans and strategies for my clients that help them embody their inner, sexy, bold confidence and unleash it into the world. I help women get "turned on" to their lives and their businesses. 

And let me just say, I know exactly how you feel! 

I’ve suffered so that you don’t have to. (You’re welcome.)  


I remember back when I was first growing my online business a few years ago, feeling so completely and totally lost and not passionate or confident about anything I was doing and I wasn't getting the results I wanted. 

I just felt like shit, which wasn't good for my sanity and it wasn't good for my kids and I often wondered to myself what I was doing wrong. 

Trying everything under the sun to grow my business, and putting out product and services that just didn't light me up at all.    

It was a  horrible time in my life and in my business where I was gaining weight, dealing with depression and allowing bad relationships to take a hold of my life. I was putting everything and everyone before myself in my life and in my business. 

At that time, I really needed  more confidence in myself and in my abilities but also I needed to figure out how to get it.  

Looking back, I really could have used a supportive community, an amazing mentor and a plan on how to get out of the funk.  

And thank the heavens I was able to get what I needed after many years of trying to figure it all out! 

Today? I’d love to be that and offer that for you.  


This is your official invitation to get the  help and support that you need.  

If you are ready to grow your healthy and fun life and creatively market your business by building and unleashing your sexy confidence, I’m here, I get it, and I’m ready to help.  

Your next move? Join me during this 4 Day Free Series....and let's do the damn thang! I got so many more surprises in store for you too!

Time for you to start attracting all you desire in your health, life and especially your business!


"I've learnt so much from Tanika. She inspires me everyday. Her energy is infectious. I can't recommend her highly enough." 

Terri Kearns , Transformational Coach

"Tanika Mason is an inspiration to all that she comes in contact with. She has this contagious smile and way of enhancing a person's thinking to make them believe in themselves." 

Onajaunita Foster, CEO, VNO HR

"Working with Tanika is pure joy. She brings professionalism and respect to everything she does. Highly recommend. " 

Jane Guyn, PhD RN, Author

"I've learnt so much from Tanika. She inspires me everyday. Her energy is infectious. I can't recommend her highly enough." 

Terri Kearns , Transformational Coach

"I have been working with Tanika for the past month and while exhausting (she makes you work!) my business and I are reaping the benefits! I have experienced an increase in customer engagement, gain new followers on Instagram and Facebook (something I have fought doing) which in turn has gained me new customers (purchasing customers) on my website. The journey she takes you on is not something you can do by yourself. You need a coach, a sounding board, and you need to do what she tells you to do! Thanks, Tanika!...6 figures in 6 months....on the way!" 

Sharon Hay, Business Owner

"If you want to learn from someone who has done it well...rather than simply taking information from other people and repeating it...then Tanika is who you want to follow! She is authentic and generous with her knowledge. I am inspired by her daily." 

Stacey Hall, Lifestyle Coach and Author





Unleash: The Feminine Way of Doing Business

A 4 Day Free Experience in Embodied Leadership