Crush N Slay Crew

{Brief Announcement Made to Facebook Community}

My membership community is finally going to open its doors! I've been sitting on this thang for 2 years! But before I open the doors I'll be bringing on Founders! So I want the Founders to be an integral part of the community but I want to make sure they go through the content first. So for the entire month of September I'll be inviting you to be a Founder of the new membership community. So basically what you'll learn in this community is step by step a marketing topic. So each month it'll be either marketing on Instagram, facebook or YouTube or email marketing etc. Not only will you learn top ways and step by step how to market in those topics we'll also have Live Q and A sessions and challenges to help you take action on the topic. And of course in the community there will be rewards for those that take action! So before I release and open to the public in October, you have the opportunity to get in now at a special Founders price of $25 per month. And that price is good for as long as you stay in the community. When it is released to the public the price will double. So if you're ready to really learn and take action on some great marketing strategies and business growth strategies then this is your opportunity to get my help and support in doing it for real.

We'll be crushing and slaying every month!💖

So what exactly is the Crush N Slay Crew....

A monthly membership community for women entrepreneurs that are ready to really take action in growing their lives and importantly, their businesses. We'll be going over and discussing marketing strategies to help dance your way through!

What you'll get each month...

1. Step Sheets each month on a new marketing topic (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Email, Blogging, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Podcasts, etc.)

2. Group Coaching Q and A to answer questions about the month's topic

3. Support and Accountability as well as challenges to help you implement what you've learned

4. Opportunities to be rewarded for what you accomplish each month (guest spots and recognition in the community, social media recognition, private coaching calls, swag, etc.)

5. Bonus Trainings will be added to the community page as well!


Bonus Addition...

Each month you will also be receiving 30 done for you topics, ideas, suggestions that you can use for your social media accounts. That way, each month, you can have your social media posts planned so that you can focus on what you do best, which is marketing and getting your message out to the world. 


So all of this to help you get serious about growing your life and biz and make your dreams a reality by getting off that damn hamster wheel of trying to learn everything by yourself!

If you...

  • want your products and services to sell
  • want an audience that is magnetically attracted to you and your message
  • want to present your biz in the right way that feels good to you
  • want to make sure the marketing you use works for you and your biz
  • want to take action on growing your life and biz now...

...then you're in the right place and the community will be here and ready to help you Crush N Slay your life and biz and dance your way through it all! 

Join now and get ready to crush and slay!

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