Accountability Coaching and Implementation

What to expect during an Accountability and Implementation month? 
1. Together, We'll Clarify Your Goals and Create Your Action Plan

2. Get Daily Accountability and Personal Support   
Each day as you start to take action on your plan, you’ll update your progress in our goal-tracking software. Using the software, you can plan and track tasks, projects, long-term goals, habits and anything that you can measure in a numerical way such as revenue goals, sales calls, and many other metrics. 

3. Full Accountability. I Will Keep Checking in With You to Make Sure You're Taking Action.
​Every 7 days, you’ll give me a full update on your week…Successes you had, actions you took and challenges. This gives you planning, support and accountability. 

4. Get Feedback on Your Week and Solutions to Your Specific Challenges
I'll review your week to make sure you took action on your plan. Feedback is given by email or Zoom, depending on preference and availability.

We'll repeat this process each week as you make progress towards your goals.

It's a simple system and it works.

Accountability and Implementation Program

We focus on getting you to take action and to keep taking action. We don’t just talk during sessions; we create an achievable action-plan for you each and every week. It’s a system that is simple, easy-to-follow and effective. You get support every step of the way until you reach your goals.

$197.00 USD