"Turn Up n Turn On" Kick Ass August 30 Day Program

To Help You Slay The Rest Of Your Summer


  • I will be texting you every day. 
  • E-mailing you every day. 
  • Giving you a daily action tasks plan (mindset, self care, marketing & business!) 
  • Giving you additional FOUR "Turn On" kick ass trainings!!! 
  • "Turn On" Kick Ass facebook group and community! 
  • *Bonus* Get featured to over 5k people if you complete all 30 days 
  • *Bonus*  One winner will get a special "Turn On" Cash and Goodie Bag Prize 

If you're ready to gain massive momentum, energy, impact, money and confidence in your health, life and/or biz, then I will be on your ass like white on rice for 30 days! Holding you accountable to what you say you want to accomplish. And also supplying my tools and trainings of the trade to help you get there! 

How are you going to finish out the rest of your summer? Ready to be mind blown at what you can accomplish or will you still be stuck on the hamster wheel of health, life and biz. 

Let's not spend another month wishing we'd make moves and instead spend this time actually doing what you may have thought was only possible in your dreams. 

Get in on the "Turn Up n Turn On" Kick Ass August program with me and let's slay the rest of this summer of 2020! 

We start Monday August 10th!

But get in now and get early access to me and customize your training. 

Who is this for? 

  • You want to do things slightly different! 
  • You want to show up MORE! 
  • You want to get back more energy and motivation in getting healthy and growing your life or biz! 
  • You want to commit to a goal and actually finish it out! 
  • You want to break out of your comfort zone! 
  • You want to stop playing small! 
  • You want to shred your fears or maybe some pounds too! 
  • You're ready for everything health, life and biz has to offer! 
  • You're ready to do the damn thang now! 

Who is this NOT for? 

  • Non-doers 
  • Whiners 
  • Complainers 
  • Excuse-makers 
  • "Tryers" 
  • "Hopers" 
  • Hobbyists 
  • Negative Nancys' 

This won't be one of those programs where you just casually take in information or don't check in and do the work. I mean why would you want to waste your money like that. This will be live and we'll be tackling these goals as a community and you'll have me in your ear and on your ass everyday for 30 days straight to make sure you stay on task and stop getting in your own way! 

Get in and grab your spot now! Let's Slay the rest of Summer! 


Additional Information:
🔥The 4 training topics included in the 30 Day ("Turn Up n Turn On") Program starting Monday August 10th are...

Training 1 – Change Your Energy To Manifest What You Want
Training 2 – Self Care and Weight Loss through Dance Fitness and Clean Eating
Training 3 – Low Cost Marketing Strategies You Can Implement Now To Boost Your Biz's Visibility To Make More Shmoney
Training 4 – How To Be The Best Version of Yourself and Beating Procrastination so You Can Take Action Quickly To Go After What You Most Desire

What are you waiting for? Let's do this!

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