Freedom Plan - What's Holding You Back?

A life of freedom with an abundance of health and wealth. That is what I talk about all the time. It's what I strive for and what my clients strive for as well. But with anything I go after there are always challenges. I was tasked, by Natalie Sisson and her Freedom Blog Challenge, to talk about 2 to 3 challenges that are holding me back from living this life of freedom. Well I'm about to get real vulnerable with you! I want to share with you a recent post I wrote on my personal facebook page...

It's been the longest week ever. I'm surprised I made it. Going to be an even longer weekend...but just trying to focus on solutions and not the problems so that I can make it through. And again focusing on the why...why do I do the things I do, why am I an entrepreneur, why do I volunteer my time to serve others, why do I fill my calendar up, why I'm passionate about soooo many things...why why why? I could go on and on but I'll get to the point. I'm achieving dreams and I want my kids to see that and know that hard work does pay off. I've hit hard times over the past 15 years, especially as a single mother, but I will always do my best to pick myself up and keep going. I do also believe it's ok for me to have a breakdown moment or two or even three in a day here and there. Sometimes the struggle is all too real, as you other single parents may know. So yeah I've cried maybe 20 times this week, but I am still here trying to hold strong. So cut me a little slack especially when I'm too tired to even think or function properly. I appreciate the words of encouragement I've been getting and I love you all. Just know that this single mother, working triple full time while building her business, trying to take care of house and home, taking care of two growing boys, trying to live life and achieve very tired. But I can't stop and wont stop. I'll always strive for better for me and for my boys. And I do see the bigger light at the end of the tunnel! I promise I do...just this week has tested me and now I think I know why. So if anyone out there is struggling or feeling depressed or feeling like life just sucks, reach out to someone and do something that makes you happy and don't give up!

Well as you can read, I was obviously having a very bad week. As I am now going back and reading this post and as I think about the challenges that are holding me back, I now can clearly see what that challenge is. It is me! And I betcha that you may be struggling with the same challenge yourself.

So as I said in my post earlier and my advice to you, as well as myself....focus on solutions, not the problems. Focus on your why and then get out of your comfort zone and out of your own way. Don't allow yourself to get in the way of that. Don't let it get in the way of you living your life of freedom with an abundance of health and wealth. Stop fearing and just do! It is now your time. It was my time a long time ago and I've let myself and fear hold me back, but now I've been focused on going bigger and NOW!

I'm here to serve and to help others live that life. And I'm no longer letting "me" hold me back. Only I can change my life and so can you. And if you're feeling like now is the time for you to go after your biggest dreams, let me know. I want to know what your up to, what your plans are and then I want to hold you to that. I want to make sure that you succeed. Please feel free to share with me below what those dreams are. I can't wait to here from you. Better yet feel free to also come on over to my online community, the Unleash Your Inner Diva Entrepreneur Crew (it's free and no strings attached), and post those dreams as well. I guarantee you that if we both continue getting out of our own way, this life of freedom is going to come a lot sooner than we think! Hugs and dreams loves! Tanika

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1