Freedom Plan - What Is Your Why?

Why do I want to live a freedom lifestyle? Well why would you want to live a freedom lifestyle? I'm sure everyone has a lot of good reasons and different ones, but I have just 3 simple but very important reasons.

- I'm a single mother of 2 boys. I want to be able to live a freedom lifestyle so that I can be there for them whenever they need me. I want to make sure that I don't miss any more important moments in their lives and I want to be able to provide for them at all times.
- Not only do I want to provide for my boys but I want them to know and learn that hard work does pay off. I want them to learn what it's like to go after your biggest dreams and achieve them. I want them to know that it is ok for them to chase their dreams and follow their passions and that in the end they will live a happy and fulfilling life.
- I want to be able to serve my community as much as I can. I believe that everyone deserves to live this type of lifestyle and that is why I was put on this planet. To help other female entrepreneurs do the same thing. Realize their true potential and help them to lead their own idea of a freedom lifestyle because they deserve it too.

So my why's are very important to me. And these are the reasons why I do everything that I do. Also when I'm having a really bad day I bring my thoughts back to these reasons and it always helps me get through everything I may be dealing with!

What is your why? Why do you want to live a freedom lifestyle? Let me know in the comments or join me over in the Unleash Your Inner Diva Entrepreneur Crew fb group! Can't wait to read about it!


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2