The Diva Entrepreneur Crew V.I.P. Founders

The Diva Entrepreneur Crew "VIP Founders" Membership Program details:

For female entrepreneurs that are ready to grow their lives and businesses and take things to the next level with focused courageous action and sexy confidence.

“If you are in the business of owning your own business (or want to be), The Diva Entrepreneur Crew “VIP Founders” Membership is for you.”

Diva Entrepreneur Crew “VIP Founders” Membership gives you direct access to tools, text and video tutorials, strategic advice and information about growing your dreamiest life and business and access to me in an exclusive group setting.

Here are the 3 things you need to do to get things going in your business…

1.     You need to know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it

2.     You need to be ready to take action and be held accountable

3.     You need a mentor to help guide you and keep you focused so that you can reach results faster

As a member, you get:

  • Access to exclusive live monthly training on a specific topic to help grow your life and business. Along with checklists and/or worksheets.
  • Access to articles, videos, tutorials, tips and information relevant for growing your business. There will be bonus items and expert trainings that will help with growing your life as well.
  • Access to the members forum where you can discuss your dreams with like minded people, get support and mastermind and build a sisterhood with other women in similar positions as you.
  • Access to an accountability program to keep you focused on taking daily actions towards achieving your dreams 

Here is the schedule breakdown…
Week 1 – Training modules or Live Training released
Week 2 – Hot Seat coaching open to 3 members via application on first come first serve basis
Week 3 – Accountability Check In
Week 4 – Q and A Live Call

The membership site opens up officially August 15th, 2017 for founders, but this is your chance to sign up as a VIP Founding member.

The price for you today and for the next 24 hours or until 12:00 pm. est August 12th is $47. You will then stay at that price monthly forever, unless you decide to cancel. And you will have the chance to cancel at anytime.

The price will then increase and double to $97 on Saturday August 12th and will remain that way for the next week.

The doors will then be closed until September in which I’ll re-open for new members.

***FREE TRIAL for everyone that signs up from August 12th - August 20th!***

If you are really ready to build your business by building relations with other women entrepreneurs, by taking courageous action and by fully striving to achieve your dreams and desires then this will be a great opportunity for you to get in and do just that. And of course with all of my love and support!

*Topics for training will  cover Marketing, Branding, Social Media, Content, List Building, Success Mindset, Building Confidence, Creativity and much more.

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